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Partnership with Pierremont Pharmacy

On 25th November staff from the award winning Pierremont Pharmacy will be at the Shed from 12-2 offering blood pressure checks and other advice. 


No need for appointments, just drop in. There'll be a cuppa for you if you need to wait!


For more details contact Claire on 01843 869 738 or 07597 349290

Better Shed than Dead - Saturday 8th November 8:00pm

Great documentary about the Shed Movement.  by Isle of Wight based film company Utility Films. David came and spent the afternoon with us in the summer talking about all things Shed and the powerful impact they can have. 

If you missed it, you can see it here

Better still come and visit and see the great things we are doing first hand!


Viking Winter Nights - 2nd November

What a fantastic and fitting end to the Viking Boat! 


More pictures in our gallery.


Well done to Ramsgate Arts for organising a boat parade, family events, treasure hunt and music!

The Shed is for everyone

Research shows that being part of a supportive community and keeping active promotes happier and longer life. It's that simple. There is now a wealth of evidence that Mens Sheds, where they exist, are making a very positive difference in the lives of those who get involved.


The Shed movement started in Australia and now there are over 1000 there, with further Sheds in over 20 countries, including almost 100 in the UK ,


Mike Jenn, Chair of the UK Men's Shed movement says:


"Joining a Shed can sustain a man's health in later life by adding purpose and creating friendships.


"We share good equipment, learn from each other, and chat while pursuing hobbies, working on community projects and making things to support the Shed."


So what are you waiting for - we'd love you to get in touch!